Much More than Home Decor

 We are proud to offer so much more than the most eclectic variety of organic teas, giftware, artwork, charming decorations, candles, jewelry, spices, bath & beauty artisinal treasures.  We are excited to see which ones you start with as you joyfully enhance your lifestyle.

Have the most fun while enhancing your style and living space

Each of our clients have individual reasons for visiting us repeatedly to find their next treasure or gift:

Personal Expression

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Aesthetic Enhancement

Personal Comfort & Functionality

 Keep up with Fun Trends

Emotional Well Being

Being celebrated as the most thoughtful gift giver 

All of the above!

We are artisans too

We are not only passionate about purveying the most interesting and inspiring products, we offer some of our own creations.  This is not only our creative outlet but helps us  ensure we support our creators and artisans as one of our core values.

Brands You Will Love

How we help you find your treasure:

You will come to find more than just a trove of handcrafted treasures.  When you visit, you will also enjoy exceptional, personalized customer service, extensive product knowledge, and a unique experience that goes well beyond the products we offer.  We treat everyone equally as we appreciate the joy that comes from connecting with the right personal artifact, and learning about the artisan behind the creation.  We are artisans too and take pride in creating products for our store and being connected with the community, other small businesses and dozens of vendors we love to work with. 

Visit, connect and shop!

You will get a taste of our latest offerings by following us on social media but your visit to our quaint shop in the heart of Stratford will bring your experience to that next level.  

Visit us in the heart of downtown Stratford

We do our all to make sure our store is a feast for the senses with music, colour, scents, ambiance, warm company, and an extensive selection of the neatest products!

Learn the story behind your favourite items

We will get to know you, what you are looking for and share the story behind your favourite pieces. 

Return often for the latest treasures & a smile

Our variety and selection is constantly evolving so you will have every reason to visit again for our next conversation and discovery session.

How we do it!

Here is our recipe on doing things the right way for you:


Curate and offer a dazzling variety that is refreshingly different from the norm

A Warm Welcome

Foster a personal, consultative yet fun connection for each individual client


Discover the special needs and intentions of the occasion & match them to your ideal gift


Our ongoing relationship is built on joy, enrichment and the quality we stand behind from your initial purchase 

Confidence in the Style and Sustainability of Home Decor

People love our approach to eco-friendly / sustainable products and this gives us a warm sense of pride.  Transparently communicating the special product knowledge & brand stories behind each creator and product makes for a special connection far beyond buying a bobble.

You will feel more confident about the products that you are leaving with, knowing where they came from, and excited about where they will live.

Don't Take Our word For It!

"I was passing through Stratford with my girlfriend and after our dinner we decided to take a tour through town and we came across this awesome little shop. They had a great selection of local goods for both men and women and we ended up picking a few early Christmas presents out! The owners were also very friendly and helped us pick a great new welcome sign for our home. I highly recommend anyone passing through to check out this shop." - Brandon

"I had the most wonderful shopping experience today!  I saw a cute display out front that caught my eye and decided to pop in with my 4 year old son.  I was welcomed warmly, and so was my son.  The owner offered a free book to my little one while I shopped and looked at the most precious merchandise. This is my new favourite store, that carries all of my favourite things with new arrivals weekly!  I can't wait to shop again when I have a little more time.  So many amazing gift ideas too!" - Joni

"An amazing place to shop for gifts !! My girlfriend and mom love this store!! And Lisa, the store owner, is the best :-) If you're in stratford, definitely check this lovely store out!! There's something there for everyone" - Ethan

Peaceful inspiration and a wealth of soul-soothing lifestyle enhancements!

What you will discover

When you cross the threshold into our warm and inclusive retail space, your senses will be treated with scents and sounds that welcome you.  Eco-friendly consciousness that enhances the style of each of your options and a relaxed conversation to understand your needs & match them with the perfect handmade, vegan, fair-trade product.  The first experience will bring you back and each visit will be fresh and new!

Visit us today for your personalized, honest, and transparent discovery experience.

We can't wait to meet you!

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What will you discover?

If you haven't visited yet, we HIGHLY recommend it!  We have something for everyone and the passion to present our unique collection to you.  No matter how busy we are in the store, we will make sure to connect with you and help you explore our rich range of items.  If you have been, we think you should return for a visit as new items arrive almost every day and the selection is never the same.

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